Used Equipment For Sale

Please email or call Tim if you’re interested in buying any of this gear.
All available for inspection and pickup in Olympia, WA.
(Linked images are examples only. Not my photos)

  • $150 : Desisti 2k Fresnel w/ barndoors + bulb (like new) (two available)
  • $400 : 1200w HMI Fresnel System. Desisti head, Lightmaker FF Ballast, cable
  • $400 : 1200w HMI PAR System, LTM head (old), Lightmaker FF Ballast, cable
  • FREE : IREM 1200w Magnetic Ballast (FREE with HMI system purchase.)
  • $30 : Altman 2k Soft Lights w/bulbs ¬†(three available)
  • $10 : Altman 1k Soft Light w/bulb
  • $10 : Altman 400w Soft Lights w/ bulbs (three available)
  • $20 : KinoFlo Remote Dimmer for Diva & Parabeam (five available, priced¬†each)