In 2017 I created a YouTube channel that I hoped would inform and educate adventure motorcycle travelers. Since then MOTOTREK has grown to almost 200k subscribers and serves up more than 7M video views a year.

Each video takes about a day to film and a couple of days of post. I shoot on the GH5, sometimes with my friend David Fox on second camera, and edit in Resolve. I rely on the amazing Matt Jorgensen for short-turnaround custom music that makes the videos shine.

I’ve produced nearly 100 episodes so far. Here are a few of my favorites.

Mission Critical

I don’t typically assume the responsibility of producing. It’s not my forte. However I’ve had the pleasure of working with SouthSound 911 for over a decade and when they asked me to create a behind the scenes video to give the community an inside look at the creation of their new state-of-the-art communications facility I was excited to sign on. Plus I got to ride in a fire truck and on a police boat.

This video project started in 2017 and wrapped in January 2020, just in time before the world shut down. Construction of the facility continued through 2020 and I expect to produce a follow-up video in the summer of 2020.